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Every little bit counts. Here’s to fighting the pandemic by donating to causes across the nation. Socially India has curated a list that spans a variety of causes. If you’ve been wondering to whom and how to donate, this list is here to help.

Worker's Dhaba: The Workers' Dhaba is a citizens' initiative run by volunteers from across Delhi. Their aim is to ensure food distribution in the city’s working-class areas where, due to the health crisis and lockdown, people have lost all sources of livelihood.

Worker’s Dhaba aims to provide ration or two cooked meals a day to those families who have lost all income sources following the complete nation-wide lockdown ordered on 25th March. The cost for one family’s meal (5 persons) is about Rs. 250.

COVID Relief: A mobile application of a crowdsourced directory of resources and donation drives. Install this application to know the details of listing and resources across India.


Hasiru Dala (the “Green Force”): Hasiru Dala is a grassroots social impact organization that focuses on justice for waste-pickers. Currently, they are supporting vulnerable waste-pickers whose daily lives have been impacted by COVID-19 lockdown. Since the 24th of March, Hasiru Dala ( has distributed one month ration and care kits to 11,001 (as of EOD April 13) vulnerable waste picker families across 10 cities/towns in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Goonj: Goonj, with its reliable and need-based disaster relief and rehabilitation model, engaged the network of grassroots leadership and reaching out to most ignored communities. Their presence in the field with 13 community kitchen making 80,000+ meals and relief support to 27,600 families.

Feeding India: A program by Zomato, Feeding India designs interventions to ensure reliable meals for children in underserved communities where food can act as an incentive for education and skill development. They support Slum Schools, Skill Development centres, Creches, Community Development Centres, and Child Shelter Homes.


Ola Foundation: A initiative to support those who have always kept us moving. Ola Foundation’s ‘Drive the Driver’ fund has been set up to empower drivers and their loved ones during contingencies, so they have the resources they need to thrive.

Other avenues:

For Domestic Violence Victims: Sneha Mumbai

For Animal Rehabilitation: Friendicoes Delhi

Do you know more such platforms? Mail us via our
Contact Us page and we will add it here.

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