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About the Client: Gold, popularly known as Delhi's #1 bread brand.

Objective: When Harvest Gold approached us, they had only 1 objective in mind for the Gio Gluten Free range of breads - to increase sales.  


Solution: When we brought Gio Gluten Free on-board, we suggested an aggressive marketing and promotion strategy using this -- marketing mix:

- Facebook Organic Content - this included videos, static graphics, and GIFs

- Facebook Ads

- Email Marketing

- Lead Magnets

- Teaser Campaign for Lead Generation (conducted purely through Facebook)



















1. Brand Repositioning 
The first step for Gio Gluten Free (GGF) was to revamp their public image and brand perception. To do this, we went straight to the drawing board to carry out a complete overhaul of their visual positioning.


We wanted GGF to be seen as a fun, lighthearted brand that takes the needs of consumers seriously.


Our strategy employed combining consumer education about Celiac Disease, gluten allergies, and highlighting the brand's USPs related to taste, availability, and price points.


We also commissioned a product shoot to establish a high-quality aesthetic for GGF.


2. Create Valuable Content

Too often, digital "experts" talk about the importance of creating valuable content without talking about how to actually do this.


We wanted to change that.
We took a close look at the actual needs of the gluten-free consumer in Delhi and created a book of original recipes using GGF's product line. The recipes were researched, developed, and tested by a chef.


To promote the recipe collection, we launched a teaser campaign on Facebook. This was also a lead generation tactic in order to grow the client's email database.


3. Content Re-purposing

After the first release of the recipe collection, we re-purposed the content as Facebook posts for further engagement and lead generation. At this time, we were also coordinating brand alliances for GGF by highlighting restaurants around Delhi that have a gluten-free menu or menu-offerings.


4. Facebook Ads

Once we had revamped GGF's visual presentation and established consistency with content, we went live with Facebook Ads for the brand, employing all available tools within the platform to engage with the audience.


We used Facebook Ads to promote a giveaway of the GGF Cinnamon-Raisin bread for all purchases within a given time-frame.


This offer was also promoted through email marketing.


Results: To say that we saw a thundering response from the audience would be an understatement.


Within the first month of going live, we saw the following results:

A 15% increase in Gio Gluten Free's sales.

Brand reach increased by 3000%

Brand Page Likes increased by 275%
Engagement on posts increased by over 750%

Leads and queries increased by 150%

Constant visibility and a sustained conversation around the products led to purely organic reviews and testimonials being shared by the audience on the Facebook page and posts through star ratings and comments.


Bonus Result: We connected so well with the audience that they felt moved to share heartfelt stories of their struggles with finding gluten-free options for themselves and their families in Delhi. All stories focused on how GGF had turned into a literal life-saving dietary alternative*.

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