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Struggling with customers turning away right before they complete a purchase? We’ll make sure they hit that checkout button every time! 


Do you know that as per a study done by Barilliance 77.13% of shoppers abandoned their cart after adding items to it in 2019? Well, if you

run any kind of commercial service, we know you’re more than familiar with this chronic problem. While there are many reasons for this, one major cause is the lack of proactive lead nurturing. Here are some ways we nurture your leads to help successfully convert them

into customers:

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 A dynamic strategy that integrates a combination of email marketing, social media, website content, paid retargeting, and direct sales outreach is the most effective way of ensuring brand retention in your audiences’ minds and prompting them to make a purchase decision.

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 Whether it’s through follow-up emails and messages or ensuring that the same product is spoken about multiple times on social media, we ensure that once you capture your audiences’ attention, you stay at the forefront of it.

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 Even when two people see the same promotion, it isn’t a given that both will respond to it. By studying your brand’s data and overall market trends, we develop a deep understanding of audience behaviours, demographics, and more to create hyper-targeted content.

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