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6 Ways to Use LinkedIn For Impactful B2B Marketing

Want to build a strong professional network for your B2B client? Want to use LinkedIn as a platform to grow your B2B business strategically and organically?

According to Statista, 80% of the social media traffic to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn. Thus, B2B businesses are focusing on increasing their marketing impactfully through LinkedIn.

Wondering how you can leverage LinkedIn for Impactful B2B Marketing? Here are some ways to do so.

1. Strengthening Your Business LinkedIn Profile-

It is essential to have a clear and relevant profile for your business on LinkedIn along with a company page. Along with the basic details of the organization, you should also harness the additional features on LinkedIn such as -

  • Requesting recommendations from your connections

  • Status updates to build and retain the connection between you and your networks

  • Adding patents, certifications etc.

  • Adding details regarding successful projects and team accomplishments

  • Showcasing your organization's expertise

2. Creating An Informative And Compelling Company Page

Explicit information about your products and services might be the prior concern of people when visiting your page, so make sure to mention them all!

You can use LinkedIn to increase exposure about your brand by including essential content on your page like banner images, products & services, status updates, and career opportunities.

3. Identifying Your Audience-

Just like any other successful marketing strategy, LinkedIn marketing strategy requires you to understand your audience as the utmost requirement. LinkedIn provides different tools like website demographics which can help you identify the types of visitors on your page and what content they are engaging the most with.

4. Sharing A Variety Of Media Content-

You must share content that showcases your company’s expertise in an interactive manner. This is imperative for building brand credibility and also helps you in trust-building from your prospective customers.

Through LinkedIn, you can share a variety of content, both on your profile and company page, like images, videos, pdfs, docs and text posts. Among these, videos and documents are arguably the best forms of content for B2B lead generation.

Most importantly, ensure your content covers a variety of “key buckets” such as testimonials, achievements, leadership quotes, engagement posts, informative content and brand offerings and product posts.

5. Benefit From LinkedIn Community Features-

LinkedIn offers a lot of community features to help you expand your connections. Of these, there are two types of standard community features-

  • Groups - By joining your interest groups, you can stay informed about the latest updates in your field and keep in touch with people or firms in your network. You can also create a group for your company.

  • Influencers - You can connect with many thought leaders on LinkedIn. Further, you can also gain attention for your page by participating in their latest discussions about trending topics.

6. Trying LinkedIn Ads-

LinkedIn provides a diverse range of opportunities for marketers to effectively drive their brand awareness and lead generation. Among the most used ad formats like sponsored content, sponsored InMail, and text ads, the latest and the most effective formats are LinkedIn video ads. These ads get automatically played on the feed of users, thereby offering an effective way to increase engagements and views for your content.

Ultimately, for achieving greater impact, your main focus as a B2B marketer should be on strengthening relationships and loyalty through your content rather than constantly trying to feed your pipeline with new leads. In 2022, ensure you take advantage of the world of opportunities LinkedIn offers for B2B businesses. Ready to seize the day? The above ways will definitely prove useful with creating an impactful and result-oriented LinkedIn strategy.


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