Socially India, is a content-driven digital marketing agency. We thrive on bringing powerful, fun, and innovative ideas to life for digital mediums of communication. Every strategy we create and every task we execute emerges from our belief in the power of a well-written word. Our clients span the breadth of 5 countries, 7 cities, and diverse commercial verticals. We’re a real ally in a digital world! 

At Socially we love what we do. Fresh off the start-up scene in London we got tired of having to cook our own dinner, came back home and put together a stellar team of people. We're social media strategists, graphic designers, content writers and digital media experts. We're also artists, writers, and musicians who love to travel, talk and listen. Basically, we're good people (at least our mums think so) and you'll enjoy working with us.


Ankita Mahabir is a digital nut who's in love with the well-written word and brings 
over 8 dedicated years of experience in digital media. She believes that an 
excellent digital strategy is rooted in good content.

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