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About the Client: ICPB (India Convention Promotion Bureau) is the only travel industry body with participation from the entire MICE industry, with members from state governments, hotels, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, professional conference organizers, event managers, educational institutions and more.
Objective: The India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) approached Socially for their 10th flagship conference titled Conventions India Conclave with a multi-pronged objective.


We were tasked with increasing ICPB’s reach and visibility and to generate leads for conference registrations in the B2B travel community.  The challenge was to achieve these results in a short amount of time and with a limited budget.


Solution: For ICPB - given the paucity of time and the limited advertising budget - we adopted a mixed approach that combined organic posts and targeted ads on Facebook and LinkedIn, along with organic and direct outreach with industry leaders on Twitter.


Under the aegis of ICPB, we also created an events page exclusively for the Conclave to streamline registrations and queries.


Results: ICPB stands out as a testament to well-designed content, targeted ads, and relevant messaging for all brands wanting to make an impact through social media.


As a result of concerted efforts to promote the conference through a unified brand identity, we saw the following results, in the short span of two months:-


On Facebook:


  • ICPB page reaches increased from 20-odd people to over 70,000 people; i.e. reach increased by over 500%.

  • Over 5000 people interacted with the content during the campaign time period - this includes views, clicks, likes, and comments; i.e. post engagement increased by over 120%.

  • The events page for #10CIC2017 received a total of 76 responses and a reach of over 3,400 people.


On LinkedIn:


  • Impressions and engagement on the ICPB LinkedIn page improved drastically. Once Sponsored Updates commenced, the page and content reach increased to over 8,000 people.

  • Direct Messages to were sent to over 50 new followers who joined the ICPB LinkedIn page during the work duration with Socially, India. Each new follower was individually engaged with and invited to the #10CIC2017.


On Twitter:


   1. Tweet impressions increased by over 105%.

   2. Key follows, mentions, features came from accounts that belonged to MICE INDIA, the city of Hyderabad, The Media                   Meeting Group, Incredible India, and ITDC Ashok - all of whom have significant influence in the B2B travel industry.

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