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7 Tips for Lead Generation through Social Media

Can social media really help generate leads for my brand?

If you, like many others, are wondering if social media can actually lead to tangible leads - the answer is yes, it’s possible. While social media should primarily be looked at as a brand awareness and engagement channel, brands can definitely optimise it to function as an additional source of leads.

1. Launching Lead Magnet Offers

Social media users are active deal seekers. Thus, an enticing lead magnet offer amplified on social media can often compel them to share their interest in buying the product. Attractive incentives like free tools, trial offers and can be a great strategy. At Socially, we believe that once you become valuable to your followers, you can gradually convert them from leads to loyal customers.

2. Creating Social Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns are highly effective in generating new leads as 92% of buyers stated that they trust the recommendations of their friends and family. As a marketeer, you must focus on providing the nudge that your customers need to recommend you via their social media network. Another strategy is to provide attractive incentives like gift cards, a free gift or a discount in exchange for the referral.

3. Running Social Media Ads Ads are one of the best ways to generate leads from social media. You can make ad copies impactful by keeping in mind the target audience's interest and using time sensitive language to create a sense of urgency. Geo targeting your ads is another way to reach location specific audiences. Lead gen ads allow marketers to collect direct leads with targeted marketing. This speeds up the lead generation process and can significantly boost conversion rates.

4. Use A Social Listening Tool

Social listening is a great tool for building brand awareness and acquiring new leads. It helps you find your potential customers whom you can nurture to use your product. You can also find customers reviews about your competitor's product, helping you in identifying lead generating opportunities for your brand. Active social listening is also beneficial for customer service, online selling and monitoring brand reputation.

5. Collaborating with Influencers

Generation of qualified and engaging leads from social media influencers makes it a winning strategy. It helps you increase your brand's exposure, build authority, and connect with new audiences. By driving traffic to your website, influencers bring new customers for your product. At Socially, we repurpose Influencer generated content to create marketing materials for further lead generation.

6. Running Social Media Contests

Contests are another great way to increase brand awareness and generate social media leads. These contests add to business benefits by adding a significant amount of leads. With customer interaction, a viral impact is created, thereby further helping in more lead generation. For ensuring a large number of entrants in your contest, you can allow them entry through retweets, shares, likes & following. A contest entry form is another way to gather information from people.

7.Sharing Video Content

Video content is increasingly dominating social media platforms. So for lead generation, your brand must also jump on the brandwagon of creating and sharing video content. A short video about your company, your services can help you generate more followers. You can also leverage the benefit of live videos by going for in-video promotion or gated content. Further, adding links to your webinar, or forms/polls can help you turn those viewers into leads.

To sum it up, social media lead generation can be a high reward method of lead generation at low costs especially when done right. It is, however, a time consuming task and requires consistent efforts.

Keep experimenting with new promotions, content & engagement strategies to connect with your audience and turn them into reliable leads!


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