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Instagram Guides - The Secret Tool to Increase Brand Awareness & Engagement

The ultimate secret tool to distinguish your brand on Instagram? Guides, undoubtedly. Despite their underuse, being social media's scrollable mini-blogs, they're ideal for highlighting brand USPs, content groups, FAQs, collaborations, reviews, and more! You can find them all together under the Instagram Guides tab on your profile.

Benefits of Using Instagram Guides:

1. Showcasing Brand Products and Services

Instagram Guides help bring all the products and services your brand offers under one umbrella. You can create different gift guides, tips & tricks for using your products, specific brand features and the like to promote and amplify your business. What’s more, customers can avoid extra steps of locating your products which also helps in increasing your conversion rate!

2. Repurposing Existing Content

You can repurpose content that is already on your page to curate Guides on Instagram. Guides use existing posts from your profile to create mini-blogs. Clicking on a single feed post in a Guide will redirect the user back to the original post on your profile, which makes it perfect for repurposing old content. This will not only help in increasing the reach and engagement of old content but also promote your brand to newer audiences.

3. Engaging with New and Old Visitors on Your Page Guides help in engrossing old and potentially new customers on your page. The long-form content of Guides will give your viewers a chance to scroll through your entire profile. This will also help in maintaining a connection with your audience and vice-versa.

4. Act as an Expert in Your Industry Let’s all agree that Instagram Guides look aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated. They not only look professional but also position you as an expert in your industry. Creating guides, especially those focusing on tips and tricks, step-by-step usage of your products and services, etc. are a few examples.

5. Amplifying Reach

People can find Guides on Instagram not only by looking up hashtags but also by specific keywords. This aids in making your content more discoverable, in turn, increasing brand reach and impressions. Putting up practical and relevant content that others can share in their networks is crucial here.

Instagram Guides: Must-Knows

1. Know what your viewers want. Keeping a tab on the preferences and choices of your customers is the first and foremost step in creating the perfect Instagram Guide. This will help you choose relevant content to put in your guides.

2. Share Guides on Stories

Another step to promoting your brand and its products is resharing your curated Guides on your stories. This will help your page reach more accounts and increase brand reach.

3. Build a Community

Including user-generated content in your Guides will build a community-specific to your brand and industry. This will also highlight your brand loyalty and help in generating more leads.

4. Create a Relationship with Your Peers Create Guides focused on the subject matter of your industry and also include your peers and collaborators. Not only will this help in building strategic relationships on social media it will also increase your chances of storytelling and ECommerce on Instagram!

Instagram Guides is the perfect secret spell you need to cast immediately to enter into a new and relevant area of digital and social media marketing. It's easy, it's consumable, it's fun!


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