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Top 5 Website Development Trends To Look Out For in 2022

Keeping up with the newest website development trends is a sure-shot approach for web designers to guarantee the attention of the internet audience in the face of growing competition.

Over the last two years, we've all spent considerable time surfing the web. It's fair to think that this period has and continues to offer new chances and possibilities for further innovation in website designing.

These five website development trends identified below would help developers build a website that gives regard to the dawn of the internet while also looking ahead.

1. One-Page Websites

Designers can develop more innovative work with the one-page website concept. These sites operate best when the material of the site is tighter, such as a portfolio. They may also serve as a helpful bridge to bring customers wherever they want to go quickly and effectively without the need for unnecessary browsing or distractions. One-page websites also encourage designers to reconsider their overall style and layout to not only put all of their material to the front and centre but also to figure out what's most crucial to showcase in the first place.

2. AI Communication Tools

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are causing quite the stir in the digital world. These technologies allow for the building of digital assistants that chat with and assist customers to websites. It also enables the gathering and analysis of data. Around 70% of internet sites will employ this system by 2022, allowing consumers to acquire the information they require in only a few messages. Because AI is mainly reliant on ML (Machine Learning), it may integrate customer requests, data, and feedback into future interactions.

3. Using Voice Navigation & Control

People today demand access to real-time information and would rather say a few words to their smartphones than type them. This procedure will be sped up thanks to the use of voice control. This trend has started influencing a whole fresh wave of devices based on voice control, such as all home automation gadgets and office assistants. Many websites and online apps will be influenced as a result of this effect. Website-level speech recognition tools like Voxpow offers you to use voice recognition for free and effortlessly. In reality, it employs the most advanced machine learning algorithms for voice recognition, achieving over 95% accuracy in more than 100 languages.

4. Implementing PWA & AMP Apps

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) applications now have become the next well-known alternative for website developers. PWAs will enable web pages to scale to the size of the phone, resulting in a much-improved UI/UX design. While catering to user retention, the page loading time will also be super fast. An AMP is a more appropriate option as compared to PWAs if your website has a lot of motion and video content. It will render all of your page's contents available to users on mobile devices while preventing overcrowding.

5. Cloud Servers as Website Foundation

A cloud server design eliminates data loss and is another feature that prevents the webpage from being overloaded. Computations are done using cloud resources rather than servers. As a consequence, web designers gain a substantial competitive advantage since they can now reduce their project development and tech support budgets. Switch to cloud servers will also make the website more versatile and adaptive.

All of these website development techniques will benefit you in staying competitive and successful while developing new web pages and making the best alterations possible to enhance the site's aesthetic.

Rally your developers and begin making these upgrades sooner than later so you can get a headstart in 2022!


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