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6 Essential Types of Post Content For Social Media Strategy

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Struggling to increase audience interaction on social media posts for your brand? Wondering how to step ahead of double figures in interaction like many successful businesses?

Quality and variety of social media posts has a major role to play in the growth of your brand digitally. Content for social media comes in a variety for different levels of reach and engagement. For social platforms, visual, interactive and entertaining content might bring in short term results but to achieve a strategy that delivers real, tangible long term results for your clients, this variety of content needs to be strategized according to the brand’s target audience, short term and long term objectives.

It is essential to overcome the perception that a social account exists solely to sell a product or service. In actuality, social accounts for your clients should engage with your target audience through fresh, exciting and varied social media post types.

So let's discuss the 6 essential types of post content helpful in optimizing your social media handles.

1. Engagement Posts-

Creating such posts requires designing an engagement oriented content strategy, deciding the message type, and further converting that message into a social media post.

Why It’s Beneficial -

It boosts interaction with the target audience and piques the audience’s interest without them perceiving it as just a promotion for products and services.

Content Examples -

Posts with giveaways, open-ended questions, competitions, polls and surveys, live streams, etc.

2. Testimonials-

For boosting your sales through social media, what can be better than posting reviews of satisfied clients. In fact, according to Nielsen research, “92% of people will trust a recommendation from a peer, and 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know”.

Why It’s Beneficial -

Testimonials help build trust and strengthen brand relations with the audience. It raises brand recognition and brand reliability, in turn adding on to sales.

Content Examples -

Customer reviews, Quotes, Peer review websites, etc.

3. Promotional Posts-

Two-thirds of Facebook users report visiting a local business Facebook Page at least once a week. This is where promotional posts like sale posts, lookback photo albums, behind the scenes posts etc. can help you with increased sales. Make sure that the content in such posts, apart from being promotional, is fun

and valuable too.

Why It’s Beneficial -

This type of post content connects the target audience to your brand and provides necessary value by updating them about the brand’s products or services.

Content Examples -

Sale posts, Look books, Behind the scenes, Product launch, etc.

4. Influencer Content-

Influencer content is another way for promoting your brand through social media platforms. 22% of consumers find new social media content through influencer posts, exemplifying an influencer’s place in brand sales funnels.

Why It’s Beneficial -

Its benefits include increased conversions, authenticity, brand credibility, connections with engaged consumers and lower costs when compared to in-house content creation costs.

Content Examples -

Reviews, Trending formats. Sponsored content, Contests & Giveaways, Product collaborations, Takeovers, etc.

5. Moment Marketing and Trending formats-

Moment marketing happens when you focus on targeting your brand to consumers by inserting it in currently trending moments. It is also necessary to be aware about the current trending formats for moment marketing.

Why It’s Beneficial -

It helps brands to stay closer to their audience and remind them about their brand. It also increases engagement and reach by targeting the moment and relatability factor.

Content Examples -

Marked calendar events, trending formats and memes, etc.

6. User-Generated Content-

User-generated content is often the most effective content for brands. Many brands gain favor by sharing their followers’ (users’) content. User-Generated Content is a great way to increase engagement and reach.

Why It’s Beneficial -

Cost-effectiveness, increased brand loyalty and content authenticity are some of the reasons which speak in favor of including User-generated content in your social media strategy.

Content Examples -

Feed posts, Videos, Tweets, etc.

Content that connects and increases relatability works to strengthen the relationship between your brand and the target audience. Ensure that you brand’s objectives are completely aligned with your understanding and work back from there to strategize a content calendar that is performance oriented and in line with achieving your goals. For further understanding of the same, read our case study Creating Community where we used Instagram as a brand awareness and audience building tool for Millennials and Gen Z for a leading lifestyle accessories brand.


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